Day: April 15, 2021

Dyson To Hire 250 S’poreans As Part Of Its S$5.1B Global Investment In Future Technology

On Wednesday (April 14), Dyson announced that it is planning to allocate its S$5 billion global investment in new technology and research programmes to hire at least 250 more engineers and scientists in Singapore in the next five years.

There are currently about 700 engineers and scientists working for Dyson’s Singapore team of 1,400. 

Dyson Chief Executive Roland Krueger said that the technology giant is creating new roles in the software and electronic teams, as well as establishing a new global cyber-security center.

Thus, they will need to hire the right talent in the city state to develop “more complex and intelligent” patentable technologies. 

Currently Singapore is Dyson’s global headquarter, the hub for its engineering teams with a focus on commercial manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Last November, Dyson announced that Singapore will be one of the three markets it plans to invest further in, along with The Philippines

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Is Vivo V17 Pro Waterproof Dust-Proof?

Apakah Vivo V17 Pro Tahan air dan anti debu? Kita tes yuk

Vivo completely destroyed the smartphone market by launching a great device at an affordable budget.

The latest offering by vivo is also a mid-range smartphone that is equipped with flagship killer features. With the launch of the Vivo V17 Pro, they announced a splash-proof design on both devices.

Knowing the fact that the new vivo V17 Pro is an improved version of the previous Realme smartphones, it is very likely that the new vivo V17 Pro is waterproof. The demand for smartphones of this brand is increasing day by day.

With the successful launch of the Vivo V15 series with an active splash-proof body design, Vivo has caught the attention of many customers who want to buy a waterproof smartphone in an affordable range. So today, we are going to do a waterproof test in vivo V17 Pro to find out if the new Vivo V17 Pro is waterproof … Read More