July 13, 2024


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Dyson To Hire 250 S’poreans As Part Of Its S$5.1B Global Investment In Future Technology

On Wednesday (April 14), Dyson announced that it is planning to allocate its S$5 billion global investment in new technology and research programmes to hire at least 250 more engineers and scientists in Singapore in the next five years.

There are currently about 700 engineers and scientists working for Dyson’s Singapore team of 1,400. 

Dyson Chief Executive Roland Krueger said that the technology giant is creating new roles in the software and electronic teams, as well as establishing a new global cyber-security center.

Thus, they will need to hire the right talent in the city state to develop “more complex and intelligent” patentable technologies. 

Currently Singapore is Dyson’s global headquarter, the hub for its engineering teams with a focus on commercial manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Last November, Dyson announced that Singapore will be one of the three markets it plans to invest further in, along with The Philippines and The United Kingdom. As of 2020, Dyson hired more than 100 engineers in Singapore.

Dyson is set to open a new global headquarters in Singapore at the colonial landmark of St James Power Station beside VivoCity Mall in HarbourFront. The first phase of restoration works for headquarters have been completed. 

It also plans to build more research and manufacturing facilities and university research programmes in Singapore. They will build a new cyber fusion center for future technologies development at their current £330 million (S$608 million) headquarters at Science Park 1.

Hailing from the UK, Dyson is commonly known as a household appliance brand specialising in vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, fans, and lighting. It is a multibillion dollar company that has been showing a healthy and rapid growth in the past decade. 

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Dyson moved its headquarters to Singapore in 2017, thus switching its tax base from the UK to Singapore. 

This move is aligned with Sir James Dyson’s vision to develop a new chapter in cybersecurity, robotic engineering and artificial intelligence. Further along in the pipeline are plans to build its own electric cars.

“Dyson is focusing on developing intelligent technology and making products which know and anticipate what you want before you do. Machine learning gives our products the intelligence to understand and react to the environment,” Sir Dyson said.

Dyson’s strategic move to Singapore, along with massive investments and hiring plans are a testament to the company’s confidence in Singapore’s talent pool and conducive regulatory environment to develop new innovation and technology. 

Dr Beh Swan Gin, chairman of the Singapore Economic DevelopSment Board welcomes Dyson’s development plans. In his opinion, Dyson’s operations will provide exciting opportunities to grow and develop top engineering and scientist talent in Singapore. 

Currently, there are 132 active job openings in Singapore at Dyson’s career page.

All sorts of engineering and research positions are open for commercial manufacturing, storage and logistics, supply chain operations, software and robotics, cybersecurity, as well as medical technology. Other openings include roles in business development, operations and management, HR and finances, IT risk and compliance, design and content production.

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