May 19, 2024


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Why your business definitely needs a .IN domain

Every website that is owned by a company has a domain name connected to it. Due to the fact that your domain name also functions as the URL of your website, it is the initial image that many individuals will have of your company by default. Because you have chosen a domain name ending in .IN rather than .COM or.NET, you are able to demonstrate to the entire world that you are proud to be an Indian.

In addition to utilising the domain name to establish your website, you can also make use of it to acquire a professional email address at the same time. Consequently, your domain name presents a chance for branding as well.

First things first: before we go into how to select an domain name to reflect your company, let’s talk about the benefits that come with holding such a domain.

A few benefits of using a .IN domain name

In comparison to other popular alternatives such as .COM or.NET, a domain name ending in .IN offers a number of significant advantages. The following is a list of some of their advantages:

(1) Shows that you are proud to be Indian

A domain ending in .IN indicates that you are based in India.

The firm and the individuals who are behind it are given a softer Indian identity as a result of this.

People who started the Bombay Hemp Company

At a look, you may proudly demonstrate to your audience that your company is located in a certain geographic area for your industry. The .IN domain, which exudes a sense of patriotism, may also inspire greater trust in the local website visitors, encouraging them to make use of your services.

(2) Obtains a higher ranking in the results of local search queries

The presence of the extension “.in” at the end of a website’s URL leads search engines like Google to believe that the page is geared towards people in India. For this reason, when a person from India searches for something like handicrafts, Google gives websites that are related to handicrafts and have the .IN domain name a better ranking in the search results.

With a domain name ending, you will be able to communicate with your local clients in a somewhat more effective manner.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for small businesses is related to this topic.

(3) Provides improved opportunities for the most desirable domain

The level of competition for domain name is lower than that of the .COM domain name. Therefore, it is possible for you to simply obtain a short website name such as

You may make it easy for users to remember the URL of your website by using domain names that are shorter and more straightforward.

However, when it comes to the .COM domain, it might be difficult to select a domain name that is suitable for your needs. Depending on the circumstances, you could discover that your preferred options have already been registered, in which case you will be forced to settle with a lengthy domain name such as

Alternatively, you might try to get in touch with the person who owns the name and make an offer to purchase it (to obtain information on the domain, you can use a WHOIS domain lookup service).

Selecting a Domain Name: Useful tips

In the realm of the internet, your domain name serves as your identification. It refers to the location of your company’s website on the internet. Therefore, you need to make sure that the name is suitable for the services that you offer.

If you want to pick a domain name that is perfect for you, here are seven tips:

1- Carry out your investigation

It is in your best interest to avoid any potential conflicts or legal concerns that may arise with the domain name that you select. Just one example:

If a name is already registered, you are not permitted to use it.

Additionally, you should not attempt to utilise a name that is already registered as a trademark.

In light of this, the first step is to conduct thorough study.

By conducting a simple search on Google, you may determine whether or not someone else is already using the name of the company or product that you want to use, or any of its derivatives. After that, you may do a search on for the names that have been trademarked.

In addition to this, you should also verify the status of your selected domain name on social networking networks to determine whether or not it is accessible as a username. It is recommended that you use the same login for all of your social media accounts and your domain name.

2- Pick terms that evoke a brand

Your chosen domain name serves as the online representation of both you and your company. Therefore, it is essential that it be memorable and distinguishable from the rest of the throng.

In order to come up with some fresh and memorable terms for your domain, you might experiment with words that already exist.

In addition, the domain name generator may assist you in selecting a domain name that is both distinctive and recognisable to your business.

Another alternative is to look through the thesaurus to find fascinating synonyms and other terms that are linked to the domain name ideas you have.

3- Make it simple to spell out

You should make sure that your domain name is simple to spell and pronounce. There should not be any words that are spelt incorrectly or combinations of words that are not consistent with the natural language. Hearing the name should be sufficient to enable one to write the spelling of the name.

As an illustration, it is simpler to remember and type accurately than it is to type exactly.

Additionally, you should steer clear of combinations that contain repeated alphabets, such as or It is possible that, without realising it, your potential customers will make an error and go to another website.

Additionally, you should steer clear of terms that, when combined, might lead to a shift in meaning. For instance, the name can be construed in a manner that is not corresponding to what you desire to convey.

4- Preserve its brevity

You should strive to make your domain name as short and easy to remember as feasible. It is simple to memorise, type, and call out short domain names, which are between six and fifteen characters in length.

Furthermore, a large number of individuals can regard a lengthy domain name, such as, to be spam.

If you were to use as an alternative, it would sound much more trustworthy.

You have the option of exploring the synonyms and similar phrases in order to come up with an alternative, and maybe even more affordable, domain name in the event that the name of your choice is not available. The terms in your company’s name can even be shortened (for example, FedEx and Airbnb) or abbreviated (for example, BBC and CNN). Both of these options are available to you.

5- Stay away from hyphens and numerals

In a domain name, the presence of numbers, dashes, or hyphens is not user-friendly information. When it comes to them, the pronunciation is sometimes misconstrued, and the spelling is frequently ambiguous.

Consider as an illustration of this strategy.

When you urge them to go there, there is a possibility that some clients would confuse the spelled-out seven with the numerical seven. A significant number of them could forget to include the hyphen. There will be occasions when you, too, could forget to mention it. Consequently, your domain name should consist just of alphabets.

6. Utilise the keywords.

In order to provide a description of your company and the services that you provide, you may use keywords in your domain name.

An individual who is seeking for electrical repairers, for instance, will find that the domain name is more appropriate than the domain name

A laptop-based individual who is looking for a domain name

The incorporation of keywords into the domain name can also provide a minor boost to the ranks offered by search engines.

On the other hand, you should try to avoid cramming your domain name with a number of different keywords. The name becomes lengthy and difficult to recall as a result of them. It’s also possible that the name will appear and sound generic.

7. Keep in mind the long-term growth

It is quite likely that you will continue to have a domain name for many years to come if you register it. It will become your identity on the internet.

And it would be difficult to alter an established online persona after it has been formed.

To give you an example, simply because you are now involved in web development does not mean that you should select as your domain name. You will be required to acquire an entirely new domain name in the event that you are interested in adding graphic design services in the future. You will be forced to begin from scratch, since you will lose both your search ranking and your brand recognition.

When selecting for a domain name, it is important to keep in mind the long-term goals you have for your company.


Here is hoping that you have understood why .IN domain is important for your business. If you are going to register a domain name, ensure that you keep all the aforementioned points in mind before you buy one.