May 19, 2024


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Frequent Web Hosting Problems and Their Solutions

5 Common Web Hosting Problems - infinitivehost

With so many websites being hosted on the Internet, and with the number increasing every day, we have enough database of things that can go wrong. But along with that, we also have the technology to make it right! 

What we mean by this is that when one decides to buy a domain name and hosting services from a service provider, they are most likely to experience a few issues. So, verify the quality of service provided by your Australian web host in order to avoid facing these issues.

But, in case you experience these web hosting problems, you must educate yourself about these recurring issues and gain insights as to how to solve them. This blog talks about the different types of issues in web hosting in Australia and their solutions. 

Frequent Web Hosting Issues And Their Solutions

  • Loading Speed

If you are experiencing lagging in your website or media or content is loading slowly, it can be an issue.

  • Solution

You will have to optimise your media, like images, videos, or graphic animations. Sometimes, the image size makes your webpage heavy, and the bandwidth and network power fail to handle it. So, compress your images to improve the loading speed.

The speed of your website matters a lot since it is one of the determinants of a well-performing website. Having an optimal or excellent speed for your website is a sign of good Australian web hosting. 

  • Downtime

Downtime refers to the time period when your website is inactive and is not responding to the user’s commands. 

  • Solution

You will have to ask your web hosting provider to assess the server and rectify the issues that are creating this problem. Your web hosting provider must offer you a server that provides almost 99.99% uptime. 

Monitor your website’s performance with server monitoring tools. These tools will report to you with all the data and analysis of resource utilisation and cyber threats. Having good uptime makes all the difference, so strive for the same!

  • Low Security

Security is paramount! Cybersecurity is the biggest hurdle between a peaceful Internet experience and users.

  • Solution

If your provider is failing to secure your website and server, change the provider. Your server must have basic security measures installed like anti-virus software, firewall, malware protection, DDoS protection, etc.

Security benefits you with a great hosting experience, higher SEO rankings, and little to no threat of online attacks.

  • Lack of Resources

Resources like CPU, storage, memory, bandwidth, security tools, etc., are essential for a smooth-sailing website.

  • Solution

This can happen if you have purchased a Shared Hosting plan. If your website begins to fall short of space, bandwidth, or overall performance, it is mostly because the resources are limited. 

You can switch to an advanced plan, like VPS Hosting or Cloud Hosting, in order to avoid lag and downtime. You will receive exclusive and abundant resources.

  • Little Tech Support

Tech support is the backbone of web hosting services and the industry!

  • Solution

If your provider fails to communicate with you or resolve the issues you are experiencing, it is better to change the provider. Seek better tech support since website hosting demands proper technical attention!

Ending Note

The abovementioned issues are very commonly found in the web hosting industry nowadays. It might be due to the lack of efficiency in the service providers or fraudluent promises. These are resolvable issues, so you can make do with them. 

But if you start experiencing these issues repeatedly, do not forget to change the service provider by finding the best possible option.