June 16, 2024


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Why go for Customized Bobbleheads

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There are several companies that offer custom bobbleheads dolls. These companies will generally have a vast variety of options for you to choose from. When you place your order, you should be provided with many suggestions to make your custom bobblehead dolls unique and of course, fun. It is important that your dolls are made in a timely manner and that they are made in such as way that they attract interest.

Non-customized bobbleheads usually ship within 48 hours of a request being placed. The only exception are orders placed during the weekends or holidays because most warehouses are normally closed over the holidays. In these cases custom made bobble head dolls may take up to a week before they are available for shipping.

Pre-made bobbleheads generally cost between eight and ten dollars each. This price includes all the parts and accessories that come with the doll except for the head. It will also include the in stock color unless your order specifically requests a specific color of the product. Most pre-made products will come with a standard size head but if you do not have a head of this size or you want one that is custom made then you can add this feature on to your order at a reasonable price.

Once you receive your order you should carefully inspect it for damages and see if there are any manufacturing defects. Always keep in mind that pre-made and custom bobblehead dolls are the same product but at different prices. The difference is usually the number of colors and paints that are used in the manufacturing process. A pre-made doll that has a molding process that is set at a high standard will always be less expensive than one that was sculpted using a lower quality method. If there are any manufacturing defects then these will be clearly visible in the finished product so you should always consider these aspects before paying for your custom bobblehead dolls.

Once you are satisfied with your purchase, you should then place your order and watch for it to arrive in a few days. Once it does arrive, you should carefully check it to ensure that all of the parts are in good working condition. If there are any defects in manufacturing then these will need to be corrected on your order before you can be assured that your personalized bobblehead dolls will arrive on time. Remember that these figurines are considered to be a collectible item and if they do not arrive on time then you may lose your chance of having them for personal use or as a gift.

If you have a high demand for these custom bobblehead dolls then you should find a company that is located close by. You will then be able to have your figurine sculpted in the same day so that you can begin enjoying the figurines in a matter of hours. If you are looking for a company that specializes in making these dolls then make sure to shop around a little bit because there are many companies out there that will promise you top dollar for your custom bobbleheads dolls but will usually turn out to be a disappointment in the end. If you can find a company that has been in the business for quite some time then you will be guaranteed to be getting an excellent product that you can be proud of.