May 19, 2024


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Upcoming Mazda CX-90 Will Offer Performance Plug-In Model

A teaser photo showing a badge on the upcoming Mazda CX-90

A teaser photo showing a badge on the upcoming Mazda CX-90The lineup for Mazda’s next SUV will include the first plug-in hybrid (PHEV) drivetrain the company has offered in the U.S. The upcoming CX-90 SUV, Mazda announced this morning, will be available as a PHEV in all 50 states.

Plug-ins combine some of the best traits of electric cars and gas-powered cars.

Traditional hybrids use electric energy to get up to neighborhood speeds, then supplement it with gasoline power to get to highway speeds. Plug-in hybrids can travel at highway speeds under electric power alone. Their gasoline engines kick in after a certain distance — often around 35 miles.

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That lets their owners treat them as electric cars for most daily commutes and errands. But they can take longer trips with gasoline power, unconcerned about charging stations and battery range as long as there are gas stations along their route.

The CX-90 will likely be a 3-row midsize SUV. It may replace the brand’s current 7-seater, the CX-9, or it may be sold alongside it. Reports suggest it will ride on a new platform, with non-hybrid versions possibly using an all-new inline 6-cylinder engine.

Mazda introduced a more rugged, off-road capable compact CX-50 SUV it sells alongside its well-reviewed CX-5 compact SUV this year.