May 20, 2024


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Understanding The Cobra Module

COBRA™ USA - Wireless Fireworks Firing System

A Cobra Module is one of the firing modules with unique features. Like other firing module devices, it’s used to fire the pyrotechnics using professional e-match, clip-on, and MJG initiators. These modules come in four sizes, including 76-cue, 36-cue, 18-cue, and 2-cue. With that said, here are some essential things to know about Cobra Modules.

General Features of a Fire Module

Most modules, including firing modules, have unique features to help them function efficiently. Components of an FM include;

  • An integrated energy buffer to boost firing power
  • Accessible warehousing with S/N barcode
  • A flame-retardant Velcro cover
  • A 3-way network splitter
  • Fully cast electronics
  • Quality mounting options
  • Enhanced firing safety

Features of a Cobra Module

Like other firing modules, a cobra module has several features, including;

  • Medical Subject Headings (MESH) signal to repeat
  • The National Fire Association (NFPA) compliant
  • 1/100th second timing
  • FCC, IC, and CE-certified design
  • Up to 36 hours of battery life
  • Built-in LEDs

Connection Options in Cobra Modules

Here are the connections of a Cobra Module;


A quick plug in a Cobra Module has three components, including the shunt, the plug, and the receptacle. The receptacle is custom designed, and it’s durable. It’s equipped with an igniter and metal pins that connect to the igniter plug. Also, the receptacle’s pins are resistant to rust, and it has inner walls to help insert, hold, and remove plugs.

The plug has MJG igniters and clip-on igniters. They have wires to create a connection during firing, and the glue reduces straining. The shunt has MJG igniters and quick plug igniters, is easy to remove, and is custom designed.

Onboard Terminals

These terminals in a Cobra Module connect the igniters and e-match with the cables. They have universal inputs, including voltage input, resistive input, supervised input, temperature input, current input, and digital input.


Slats improve the flexibility of Cobra Modules. They allow the user to fire in various positions. Some quality lasts include 6S RJ45 cables, 6 Slat, 18S Mini Slats, and 18S Regular Sized. 

How Does a Fire Module Work?

A fire module uses different applications to function effectively. It works by using all connections, including the onboard terminals, quick plug, and receptacle. However, the output and input in the terminals require control to enable the module to work well.

When the fire module is triggered, it sends current into the system. Then, it makes a connection with the electrical components in the system. After this connection, the module allows power to flow from the external source to the system, releasing the sparks.

What is 18R2 Cobra Module?

The 18R2 is a type of Cobra firing module model. It has numerous features, including;

Firing memory: This is a remote that enables the user to differentiate between fired and unfired cues in the module. Fired cues are red, unfired cues are green, and the last cue to fire is red.

Scripted firing: This is an automated firing module that uses COBRA Shoe Creator or Microsoft Excel.

SMPTE support: It has an embedded SMPTE player with a time code to feed the third-party audio.

Audio box integration: It allows the audio in the COBRA Audio Box to play in sync when you connect the sound system.

Rapid single or multiple-button manual fire: This feature allows you to fire multiple shots using one or more cues, depending on your preference. It has numerous pressing buttons that would enable rapid firing.

User simplicity design: All the features in this module are simple to use. You can read the manual and understand how to fire in minutes.

The Cobra Module is safe and reliable to use. It’s designed using advanced technology to increase functionality during firing. Hence, the technology makes the module reliable. The technology in this module includes;

  • 2.4GHz transceiver modules
  • IEEC unique network MAC addresses
  • NFPA-compliant user design
  • FCC, CE, and IC-certified RF module

Bottom Line

The Cobra Module has unique features that increase its functionality, making it one of the best. Again, its customized design is safe and reliable to use for armatures and professionals. However, these modules come with different features, such as multi-cue, semi-auto firing, and expandable power options, making them easy to use despite the time or weather you use them.