May 24, 2024


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Understand the Concept of Wavemaker Rapid Application Development RAD Model

A short development cycle employing an element-based construction process is emphasized by the Wavemaker Rapid Application development RAD model of linear sequential software development. A development team can build a completely functional system in a short amount of time using the RAD approach if the requirements are clearly understood and stated, and the project scope is restricted.

The Concept of Using This Model:  

It is crucial to adhere to one of the models for SDLC in order to develop software correctly. Each approach has benefits and drawbacks of its own. Selecting a single SDLC model and adhering to its best practices that meet the requirements is more crucial.

Before processing and practicing it further, it should be thoroughly assessed regardless of whether one uses the Waterfall model, Spiral Model, V-Shaped Model, RAD Model, or any other usual model. The project development will benefit greatly from an effective SDLC methodology. It will save time and money while improving and accelerating the construction of the components.

What is RAD Model?

You would have figured by now what the RAD model is. One of the software development models with the highest level of implementation is the rapid application model or RAD model.

A RAD approach is often an incremental strategy where multiple small advancements are selected and implemented together to attain the larger goal. Additionally, the incremental model is used, which divides the main elements to be created into manageable, smaller pieces. Then, each of these parts is developed.

A typical RAD model could be broken down into the following five-phase

•        Analysis of requirements and planning.

•        Project architecture design.

•        Development and programming.

•        Testing.

•        Deployment and upkeep.

Setting up the RAD Model:

The RAD paradigm, which stands for Rapid Application Development, is a method of developing functions concurrently and integrating them afterward. Each component or function is produced concurrently as though it were a mini-project. The creation of the separate parts is time-boxed, delivered, and then put together to create a functioning prototype. By giving customers early access to the product, this methodology or model emphasizes active customer feedback while allowing for quick changes and product development.

Final Verdict:

The Wavemaker Rapid Application development RAD model in software engineering was created to address the issues that conventional models like the waterfall model had. It places emphasis on the quick development of a high-quality product.

Throughout the development lifecycle, it promotes the usage of automated systems. Furthermore, because customers are involved in every stage of the life cycle, the RAD model results in a higher customer experience.

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