February 24, 2024


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Things You Will Regret To Do While Vacationing in Thailand

Visiting a new country means that you have to understand the local culture well. If the immigrants respect local customs and traditions, residents will also give the same respect and appreciation, especially if you visit Thailand and stay at one of the Bangkok Hotels.

There are several unwritten ethics, norms, and rules that you must adhere to so as not to offend residents. To not offend local people, here are several things tourists should not do while on vacation to Thailand that you need to know.

Things You Cannot Do While in Thailand on Vacation

  1. Do Lovey-Dovey Things With a Partner

Like other Asian countries, Thailand also carries eastern norms, and showing your romance in public places or public facilities is not a polite thing to do. This kind of thing makes local residents uncomfortable. Therefore, avoid doing romantic activities in public places, including holding hands though.

  1. Dressing Inappropriately When Visiting Places Of Worship

Thailand has many tourist attractions with religious environments, from temples, and pagodas to pagodas and many others. To show respect, it is very important for tourists to wear polite clothes, cover their shoulders and not reveal other body parts, and not use clothes such as hotpants to tank tops.

  1. Being Disrespectful to The King of Thailand &  The Royal Family

The thing that should not be done while on vacation to Thailand is showing disrespect to the King of Thailand and the royal family. Don’t think about showing inappropriate behavior towards the King and the Thai royal family because doing so can have a bad effect, both legally and from a social point of view. Surely you don’t want to have problems while on vacation, right?

  1. Being Reckless About Buddha

With the majority of Thai people practicing Buddhism, it is important to show respect for any religious symbol of Buddhism, including the Buddha statues that are widely scattered in temples in Thailand. You are also prohibited from standing or leaning on the Buddha statue, imitating the statue’s movements when taking pictures, and not pointing at the Buddha statue with your feet.

  1. Using A Taxi That is Parked on The Side of The Road

When you go to tourist attractions, leaving the hotel you will find many taxis parked in front of the hotel. Although this makes your trip easier, it would be better if you don’t use a taxi parked in front of a hotel or tourist spot, unless you are in an emergency.

Not because of the service, but because these taxis will trick you by charging rates that are many times that of the taxis you find on the street. In fact, it is not uncommon for these drivers to lie and make trips that were previously short become longer. The goal is that you stay longer in the taxi so they can increase the fare to be even more expensive.

Not only when visiting Thailand, but you also have to appreciate the culture of the country you are visiting. For example, you often visit Singapore and stay at one of the hotels, such as Hotel G. Then you need to obey the country’s culture and the rules that the hotel has. Don’t let you have problems while on vacation, OK!

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