May 25, 2024


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The 7 best free job posting sites for employers in 2022

The 7 best free job posting sites for employers in 2022

No small business can succeed without a great team. And if you’re looking to add to your team — without spending hours keeping track of 20 different job boards, manually collating applicants, or struggling to find people with the right skillset — we’re here to help:

  • First, we’ll explain what to look for in the best job posting sites
  • Second, we’ll recommend seven job posting sites and explain why they might work for you
  • Next, we list some industry-specific sites, like for restaurants and salons

We’ll also discuss how to choose a listing site option with useful functionalities like built-in messaging, a mobile app, and tools to help with onboarding and hiring. And because we know that most small businesses operate with tight budgets, we’ll focus on free options.

Ready to post free job listings that’ll attract your ideal applicants without the time or stress that comes from coordinating everything manually? Let’s get started.

What to look for in job posting sites

First things first, let’s consider some features and qualities you should look for when deciding where you’ll publish your job postings:

  • Free to post your job: There’s no need to pay when good free job ad platforms exist.
  • Automatically post adverts to several major job boards: No more managing multiple boards manually.
  • A library of pre-written, customizable templates: Save time and post a great job ad in minutes.
  • Candidate tracking: Take the manual admin out of each stage of hiring.
  • Screener questions: Only allow applications from the most qualified, suitable candidates.
  • In-app messaging: Respond, ask questions, and schedule interviews with candidates all in the same place.
  • Specific listings: Great job posts are detailed, so your platform of choice should let you specify things like job title and if the role is part-time, full-time, or paid per hour.
  • Works on the go: Choose a platform that’s mobile-friendly so you can easily receive and track applications.
  • Onboarding and hiring tools: Welcome successful candidates with onboarding packets, employee handbooks, and document signings, and keep e-signed documents safe within the same platform.

The best job boards are part of a wider team management system that can also help you coordinate hourly staff even after the hiring process is complete. For example, as well as hiring, Homebase helps small businesses to manage scheduling, payroll, HR, team communication, and staff perks too.

1. Homebase


Caption: Homebase offers free hiring tools as part of its comprehensive management platform

Homebase is an all-in-one hourly team management platform that specializes in making HR and people coordination as easy as possible, so you can focus on building a productive, happy team and doing good business. No more getting lost in manual admin, piles of paper, or complicated compliance laws.

Why it stands out

The main advantage of Homebase is that it not only offers a job posting board but also has a full suite of powerful team management tools. With Homebase, you can welcome, onboard, schedule, manage, motivate, and pay your team within the same single platform.


  • Free access to a job board and applicant tracking.
  • Integrates with all major job boards, including Indeed, Craigslist, ZipRecruiter, Google, and Glassdoor.
  • Goes beyond job posting as it extends to an all-in-one team management system.
  • Includes a library of customizable job post templates.
  • Functions just as well on mobile as it does on desktop.


  • Its full package may be more than you’re looking for if you only need a job board.
  • Offers a free plan, but pricing for the full range of features starts at $20 per month.

2. Indeed


Caption: Indeed is one of the country’s best-known jobs boards across a wide range of industries

Indeed is one of the best-known job boards and claims to have 225 million active job seekers overall. The platform lets you get started with a free ad and includes templates written for a range of industries and open positions.

Why it stands out

Indeed stands out purely because of how well-known it is, meaning job seekers are likely to consult the platform as one of their first ports of call. It also offers a lot of recruitment features like screening questions, proactive searching, and a management dashboard (although these may require payment).


  • Includes a single dashboard to manage your job ads.
  • Automatic declines for unsuitable candidates.
  • Screener question functionality to hone in on top applicants.
  • Has a mobile phone app and pre-written templates.
  • Enables you to schedule virtual interviews with candidates.


  • Requires you to pay for immediate access to candidates that match your job description.
  • Gives better visibility to boosted job ads and employers with paid plans.
  • Posting on Indeed only puts your job on Indeed (rather than a range of sites).
  • Only a job board.

3. Glassdoor


Caption: Glassdoor prioritizes employee branding and storytelling as part of its recruitment process

Glassdoor is a well-known recruitment platform that positions finding new staff as a way to “tell your story.”

Why it stands out

As well as being well-known, Glassdoor stands out for its focus on the “story” behind new jobs. The platform also prioritizes showing job seekers what it’s like working for different companies and why they should want to be part of their teams.


  • Focuses on the story behind your job and company, including space for your company mission, as well as the more transactional element of applications.
  • Offers an employer profile and dashboard for free.
  • Enables you to review responses for free.
  • Lets you personalize your advert with logos and branding, also for free.


  • Not all features are free (insights and “advanced tools” require payment).
  • Posting on Glassdoor only puts your job on Glassdoor and Indeed (rather than a wider range).

4. SimplyHired


Caption: SimplyHired includes a range of HR tools as well as a job board

SimplyHired is a job board and HR tool, which means you can manage unlimited job ads, applications, and onboarding procedures from within the same platform.

Why it stands out

SimplyHired offers onboarding and HR tools as well as a jobs board, putting it ahead of some simpler job ad platforms. You can also sign up and immediately start posting jobs for free.

SimplyHired also lets you schedule a free demo, so a specialist can help you post your ad successfully.


  • Lets you post multiple job adverts for free.
  • Has a mobile-friendly platform.
  • Posting on SimplyHired distributes your ad across 100 listing sites.
  • Enables screening questions and resume reviews before you pay to go to the next stage (such as scheduling interviews or contacting candidates).
  • Holds employee data securely in the same platform.


  • Charges per application once you move candidates onto the next stage.
  • Offers HR and onboarding tools but no other team management features.

5. LinkedIn


Caption: LinkedIn is one of the best-known professional networking platforms

Arguably better known as a business social networking site rather than a jobs board in itself, LinkedIn is still one of the most common places people look to find open jobs, especially for roles that benefit from networking, personal recommendations, and social connections.

Why it stands out

As well as making it easy for people to network and connect, LinkedIn also removes a lot of the mystery and frustration from job seeking and recruitment, as most users already have a full profile on the platform. That makes it easy to check details like qualifications, job history, and recommendations.


  • Most LinkedIn users have a comprehensive profile and professional network.
  • A very well-known and respected platform that many professionals check when job seeking.
  • Lets you post jobs for free.


  • Not a dedicated jobs board, so the extra features may act as an unhelpful distraction.
  • Many of the more advanced features require payment.
  • Full access to the “jobs” section of the site requires a separate login to LinkedIn Talent
  • May be less catered to hourly and shift workers.
  • Online social network rather than an HR or staff management platform.

6. ZipRecruiter


Caption: ZipRecruiter uses AI technology to match employers to candidates

Claiming to be the “#1 hiring company in the US,” ZipRecruiter is well-known and widely used, meaning it offers incredible reach (as many as 10 million candidates per week).

Why it stands out

Connects with a wide range of hiring platforms and uses AI “matching technology” (called “Phil”) to help you find better potential candidates. ZipRecruiter also has a dedicated section for small to medium-sized businesses to avoid your ad getting lost among giant corporations.


  • Posting on ZipRecruiter distributes your job across a range of platforms, not just one or two.
  • Lets you post jobs for free, including screener questions.
  • Offers users a dashboard where they can manage ads and applicants.
  • Mobile-friendly app and dashboard.
  • Offers 24/7 US-based support by phone.


  • Advanced features require payment.
  • Doesn’t offer any HR tools or advanced onboarding features.

7. Handshake


Caption: Handshake connects employers with students via close school connections

Handshake specializes in recruitment for students and connects employers with schools to organize internships and jobs. It’s designed so employers can share their company culture and makes it easy for students to find work.

Why it stands out

Handshake is different from many other job boards in that it focuses entirely on connecting students with entry-level job opportunities. It’s geared entirely towards students and works closely with schools.


  • Mobile-friendly app.
  • Its close school connections mean that it’s highly trusted and widely used (9 million student users and 1,400 educational partners).
  • Prioritizes diversity and inclusion as key values.
  • Lets employers request a demo for tailored support.


  • Specializes in student work, so applicants are likely to be younger, less experienced, and looking for their first job.
  • Spotlights large corporations like Amazon and Microsoft on its homepage and in testimonials rather than smaller businesses.
  • Requires you to be signed in and your company to be “connected” with and approved by schools before you can post a job.

Industry-specific job posting sites

The job boards above may work brilliantly for your needs, but you might want something that’s specially tailored to your industry for even more specialized top talent and applicants who truly understand the demands of the role. Here are some great examples.

Restaurant job sites

  • RestaurantZone: Hospitality board with hundreds of employers and millions of job seekers.
  • PoachedJobs: An extensive job board specially designed for the restaurant and hospitality industries.
  • CulinaryAgents: Like LinkedIn, but for hospitality. Has a dedicated board for F&B and hospitality jobs.

Salon job sites

  • SalonEmployment: A specialist site designed for roles across the beauty and salon industries.
  • BehindTheChair: A hairstylist news site and blog with an integrated jobs board.
  • SimplySalonJobs: A simple, easy-to-use recruitment board for salon, stylist, and beauty jobs.

Other ways to publish your job posting

You don’t have to rely on job boards alone to get the word out about your vacancies to ideal candidates. These other methods could also pay off.

Social media

There’s often nothing quite as effective as reverting to social media platforms to find your next ideal candidate for free. Posting about vacancies on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even TikTok may reveal the perfect person in your existing network (especially if you already have an engaged community).

Your company website

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your job vacancies on your own company website! Visitor numbers may be much lower than on Indeed or Glassdoor, but you could capture the perfect candidate as they browse your services or try to learn more about you and your business. You don’t even have to create a “careers page” — even a simple page or pop-up with a link to your post on a separate recruitment site could be enough.

Real-life networking

Online isn’t the only option! You may find someone suitable within your existing IRL (“in real life”) circle. Talk about your vacancies with friends or professional acquaintances, ask colleagues to display your job ads in their salons or restaurants, or post ads in local spots like grocery stores, cafes, or community centers.

Jobs fairs and industry events

If you have the time and budget, events can be good places to network and find job seekers, especially if you’re looking for recent graduates or specialist skills. You could hire a stand, advertise on event career sites, or simply attend yourself and exchange details, business cards, and flyers.

Simplify the hiring process with Homebase

A good job board makes it easier for you to post an effective job advert, filter for truly qualified applicants, and coordinate the entire process in a single, mobile-friendly dashboard.

But the best job boards go much further.

Tools like Homebase don’t just let you post a job for free using easy-to-customize templates. Our hiring and onboarding tools can also distribute your job across a range of platforms, filter and track applicants, arrange interviews, and welcome successful candidates into your crew, all within the same platform.

Forget about clunky recruitment boards, manual management, unwieldy spreadsheets, or complicated sign-up processes. Using a job platform with these extra HR and management features lets you approach hiring as only the first step on the smooth road towards building your perfect team.

After all: If it was good enough for Steve Jobs, it’s good enough for us.