June 17, 2024


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Spring Outfits Inspired by Iconic Netflix Female Characters – THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog

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Bridgerton Season 2

Kate Sharma’s Look

Heels aren’t the most practical shoes for the park, but they are fitting for an outfit based on this always sophisticated character. Go for ruched pleather mules, a comfortable choice without lacking elegance. Complete the look with a small-ish handbag in deep green that’s perfect for storing Kate’s trusty tea spices and a copy of Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers.

Inventing Anna

Anna Delvey’s Look

When it comes to accessories, the devil’s in the details. Sleek gold-tone hoops are classic touches to any look, while a big boxy tote handbag is perfect for amplifying Anna’s businesswomen appeal. Let’s not forget a pair of black sunglasses, the perfect prop for fooling others into thinking you’re VIP.

Emily in Paris Season 2

Camille’s Look


Nurse Ratched’s Look

To replicate her so-perfect-it’s-almost-campy sense of style, we added an ivory-colored satin scarf for a dose of Hollywood glam, while embellishing her ear lobes with faux-pearl studs for a deceptively innocent impression. The retro mood is amplified further with a faux leather patent handbag in chocolate brown that deepens the overall palette. Ratched’s look isn’t complete without rouge lips: layer on 3CE’s Velvet Lip Tint for a perfectly villainy touch.


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