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Snow Fun: 15+ Ideas | Creative STAR Learning

Snow Fun: 15+ Ideas | Creative STAR Learning

Snow is precious. Be prepared in advance to make the most of the soft fluffy stuff as soon as it arrives. The post draws together various posts and ideas I’ve blogged about over the years to save you searching.

Just to wet your appetite for snow, here are some of my favourite snowy day activities:

1. A Headless Snowman

Make a snowman without a head. Then take turns to stand behind the snowman as if your head belongs to the snowman.  Have a range of props such as wigs, hats, scarves, sunglasses to wear.  Take photos of each other doing different poses.

2. Roll it up

Make the biggest snowball possible whilst creating a maze or interesting pattern of grass to follow afterwards. Does the size of the snowball relate to the length of the path created?

3. Guess the object

Look at different things covered with snow and guess what they are. Go back once the snow has melted and see if you recognise the feature.

4. Snow Sculptures

Most people just build snowmen. Make a snow dragon, or a monster instead. The possibilities are endless. Build a miniature yeti or just his giant pair of shoes to stand in.

5. White Hunter

Collect together and hide a range of white objects in the snow. Can your friends find what you have hidden? Are all the objects truly as white as snow?

6. Funny footprints

Think up new and different footprint tracks in the snow. Instead of walking along, try:

  • Jumping with both feet together or hopping.
  • Do the hop-scotch. Walk sideways.
  • Skate along and try not to leave a gap between your footprints.
  • Do a funny dance. Is it possible to create an asymmetric pattern when you use both feet?

7. Track animals

Animal and birds leave trails and tracks. Find some tracks and follow them. Do this quietly to avoid frightening any thing or anyone.

8. Frozen Marbles

Now if you live in a really chilly place, it is possible to freeze coloured water inside balloons. Once they have frozen, remove the balloon and you are left with giant marbles or snow bowls! Thanks to Ali Dreyer for finding this activity on Facebook.

9. Snow of Wonder – An arty activity in the snow

Draw your picture or pattern indoors with felt-tips. Take it out and make it disappear in the snow. Does it work every time or does it depend on the type of snow that’s fallen?

10. Frozen Tree Decorations

By freezing objects creatively it is possible for children of all ages to create beautiful ice decorations which can be hung outside. What natural objects work best for this activity? How many objects can fit inside one ice decoration?  Do heavy or light objects work best?

11. Snow Stencils … and Blood! – Stencils, sprays and syringes and using them outside

A little bit of pattern work and mark making in the snow. Design your stencils inside for use outdoors. Try making a stencil display or trail for others to enjoy. Follow the drops of “blood” for a macabre approach!

12. What’s cooking in the slush kitchen?

What’s cooking in the slush kitchen? The snow is melting and so is the ice. Turn your mud kitchen into a slush making ice factory and enjoy the melting messy mix.

13. Frode Svane – Adventure play in snow. Inspiration from Norway.

This blog post is about the free play observed by Frode in Norway when the snow arrives. Lots of inspiration for children and adults to have fun in the snow.

14. Explore snow with tubes

A super springboard of possibilities blog post from Tom “Sensori” Bedard. Apply his ideas outside for best effect!

15. Catch a snowflake on your tongue

Fresh, pure, beautiful snowflakes. When it’s snowing, go out there and taste the falling flakes. Just remember the words of wisdom passed through the ages, “Never eat yellow snow.”  What other advice would your children add to this?

16. Is it possible to create an icicle?

What do your children think? What conditions are necessary? See if you can find examples of icicles to help you out with this task. They might provide some clues to get the children going.

Finally there are lots of lovely snow books which can be found using an online search and the book Snow Play: Cool Projects for Cold Days has lots of fun ideas.

17. Mark making in the snow – 10 ideas

Snow and ice provide unique opportunities for young children to develop mark making in a way that cannot be replicated indoors. Enjoy the range of possibilities in the blog post.

This post was originally published in January 2013.