April 14, 2024


Technology and Age

Remember These Things before Obtaining an IM Spy App

Technology development in this current era has totally transformed the face of communication. Instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, KIK, Hike, and others have made it effortless for us to interact with each other. 

They enable us to send text messages, pictures, videos, documents, location and enjoy voice and video calling as well. Even though they are truly useful, but they also have drawbacks. 

The biggest downfall of them is that they have user-friendly nature, so nasty people can use them with the motive of stealing people’s confidential information. They can later misuse it to get some money. Their main targets are innocent children and youngsters. First, they win their hearts and then, pressurize them to perform illegal activities. 

To avoid such incidents, parents and employers choose to track their children’s and employees’ deeds on IM applications. Furthermore, there are many cases when they prefer using TheOneSpy android phone spy app. People use it to keep an eye on their employees, kids, and spouse’s instant messengers. 

If you are also thinking about getting the spyware, these are the important things you should remember. 


The surveillance tool will be of no use if the targeted user gets to know that someone is tracking their activities. Therefore, it should be undetectable which means the digital device’s owner won’t be able to know that spy software is deployed on their smartphone or computer. In this way, you can silently know what sort of acts they perform when you are not around. 

Compatibility with The Targeted Device

There is an extensive range of monitoring apps available in the market that can work efficiently with Android and iOS devices. It’s better to choose a few of them and then, compare them to select the best one that works well with your targeted mobile phone. Before buying the software, always do a little research and make sure it’s compatible with the device. 

Additional Features

An instant messaging app should have additional features such as screen recording, controlling front and back cameras and microphone, and recording and listening to surrounding areas. It would be of great advantage if it has features like GPS location tracking, call recording, monitoring browser history, capturing keystrokes, spying on dating sites, and much more.   

Powerful After-Installation Service

It’s important to understand how to utilize the features of the spy app. You should pick software that offers outstanding after-installation services. It should be able to record and send all the data to your control panel, so you can conveniently review it later. It must have a user-friendly interface, so you can take advantage of it to the fullest without getting stuck in the middle of your work. 

Inform You About the Installed Apps

The app should let you know about which apps your targeted person has installed on his device. If we talk about teens, today, many of them are indulged in sexting and other harmful deeds. It’s purely their personal choice, but they could become prey to blackmailers. Parents should handle such situations carefully and educate them on how to act responsibly on instant messaging apps. 

View Deleted Messages

Children who use instant messengers delete their conversations instantly because they don’t want their family members to view them. With the help of the monitor instant messenger, you can watch the deleted messages, pictures, videos, documents, and much more. That’s why; before acquiring a monitoring tool, always check its features to determine if it allows you to track deleted messages and media. 


There are various Instant messaging apps available for free of cost for Android and iOS devices. Your dear ones and employees can install multiple applications on their phones. With the surveillance software, you can get to know about which IM apps they are using and what sort of discussions they are having.