April 14, 2024


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iPhone 5: Expectations and Reality

iPhone 5 is officially out and up for grabs, it has been probably the most awaited of the gadgets by technology geeks. There have been many tall claims about this phone including claims like being the ultimate gadget and the best ever by Apple. Until its launch there have been many speculations about the design, technology used and redmi note 6 pro software offerings but it seems like these claims are finally to rest.

Whatever has been said earlier about iPhone 5 were mere speculations. Now that it is out let us compare and contrast its features. 4G LTE Earlier it was speculated by various news sources that iPhone 5 will be capacitated with 4GLTE technology to enable internet on high speed. LTE or Long Term Evolution is a part and parcel of 4G communications.

This communication technology is capable of boosting the network speed by 10 times including devices like Tablets and Smartphones. As far as iPhone 5 is concerned it is supportive of a dual-band (3.5G HDPA+), this is a technology that provides hi-speed internet sans 4G. So, even if you do not have 4G you can still avail the hi-speed benefits, the only thing is that it is not 4G. Design and Body The look and design of the iPhone 5 is something that is very close to what had been predicted prior to its launch.

The physical form of iPhone 5 comprises two-tone aluminum and glass body. The thickness of this new version is 7.6mm, this is much sleeker than iPhone 4S measuring 9.3mm in thickness that makes it bulky. The screen of iPhone 5 is relatively bigger when we compare it to its predecessor. So, we can conclude that the look and design of this new phone is sleek, has a bigger display and is thin bodied. Interestingly with the addition of Nano-SIM compatibility this new iPhone is now much sleeker. This also means that your regular SIM may no longer work with this device. Screen resolution Apple has enhanced the screen resolution to 1136?�640 pixel which is almost around 326 PPI. The iPhone 4S had 960?�640 pixel resolution on a 3.5 inch screen. A bigger screen means the iPhone is now in the league of the Samsung Galaxy S III although that has a 4.8 inch screen. Faster Processor The quad-core A6 chip incorporated in iPhone 5 gives it a faster processor. Additionally this new chip is smaller in size, about 22% and so it facilitates in saving energy. Another thing to notice is that it is also capable of increased graphics and CPU capability. Now a user will benefit with a fast webpage loading including Pages app and Keynote. The A6 is much better, faster and smaller than the one used iPhone predecessors. Camera When it comes to the camera resolution the number of pixels are still the same. The camera is still 8MP. However, it is said to have an improved shutter speed. You will not be disappointed with the picture quality as Apple has included a lens cover of sapphire crystal for better image capturing experience. Another interesting feature added to the camera is that of panorama view. This view will help you capture a wide angel picture in one go, it works by stitching various shots in one 28mp version. The front facing camera is 1.2mp with 720p HD video, which was a VGA in earlier version. This means now the front facing camera will provide a better picture for video calling. Battery The battery life of this new version is better than before with 8 hours of non-stop 3G usage and 10Hours with Wi-Fi. You will easily squeeze out a battery standby of 225 hours time which is comparatively better than 4S. iPhone 4S users had 6 hours of 3G and 9 hours with Wi-Fi, the standby hours were that of 200 hours. Now you can easily compare and know the iPhone 5 is much better when it comes to battery. Now after knowing all this let us find out what it does not have. NFC not included It seems that Apple has yet not come on terms with including the NFC or Near Field Communication technology in its new version. Apple might still not have decided to provide this technology to its users. It still has a step further to go especially when competing against its rivals like HTC and Samsung. iPhone 5 is available almost everywhere including Japan and Hong Kong along with Germany, Australia, France, Canada, Singapore, US and UK initially.