February 29, 2024


Technology and Age


Apple as a multi-technology company has begun to develop its wings and technology in various countries, one of which is India. The country of Bollywood has been a target market for Apple for a long time to develop its technology and release its newest products.

As we know, recently Apple has released their newest smartphone in the global market, namely the iPhone 12 series. And one of the countries that had the opportunity to try out or experience the advantages of the iPhone 12 first was India.

iphone 12 deals india have quite high selling prices over the round trip or two-way plane ticket prices from Delhi to Dubai. If the trip is two-way, the total ticket price will be around Rs 35858 or IDR 7.1 million.

So that if we add up as a whole, the price of the iPhone 12 Pro in India plus a roundtrip ticket from India to Dubai, the fall is not much different or even cheaper.

Maybe the Indian people themselves can travel to several places in Dubai at a cost that is not more or not more expensive than buying the iPhone 12 Pro in their own country. Even so, the Indian people have not lost their interest in these smartphones. iPhone remains the belle of smartphones in the smartphone market in India and several other countries.