December 4, 2023


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Fox News Host Mark Levin Suggests Putting Nancy Pelosi in ‘Leg Irons’ Over Jan. 6

Fox Information weekend show host Mark Levin on Wednesday tried out to change blame for the Jan. 6 insurrection away from previous President Trump, whose supporters illegally breached the Capitol and assaulted the law enforcement officers defending it, and onto Household Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi, Levin instructed Sean Hannity, has been shielded by the Dwelling committee investigating what occurred that day.

The speaker “will never ever be questioned simply because Liz Cheney has offered her protect,” Levin reported. Cheney, one of two Republicans on the committee, has been the focus on of intensive criticism by Trump and his allies at any time since she made a decision not to go alongside with the lie that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent.

“Nancy, what did you do on Jan. 6? Can we see your texts, your email messages, your documents? Can we converse to your staff members below penalty of perjury?” Levin asked, naturally peeved at the committee’s perform, which has uncovered revealing communications about Jan. 6 among Fox hosts like Hannity and then-Trump Chief of Employees Mark Meadows.

“And if you really don’t react, maybe we should place you in handcuffs and leg irons and throw you in jail with your spouse, the drunk,” Levin ongoing, referring to former Trump adviser Peter Navarro’s whiny grievances after he was taken into custody for disregarding a subpoena from the Jan. 6 committee.

Levin’s remarks keep track of with other unhinged matters he’s uttered about the committee and Jan. 6 in general. Earlier this 7 days, for occasion, he named on Republicans to examine the panel itself. Levin has also in comparison all those charged in excess of Jan. 6 to civil rights activists from the 1960s.

Levin’s Wednesday rant provided a comparison of the committee investigating Jan. 6 to the Salem witch trials in the 1600s.

“Never in American history—except maybe the Salem witch trials—have we experienced a courtroom of legislation, or additional recently, a congressional hearing, with just one particular aspect. Just 1 side,” Levin complained.

“We know what we are likely to get” out of the hearings, he explained, echoing other Fox hosts like Laura Ingraham. “My information: boycott them.”

Fox News Channel has opted not to air stay coverage of the primetime hearings, indicating viewers of Hannity will not have to go out of their way to do so.