July 13, 2024


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Effect of Brand Reputation on Inbound Marketing

Marketing is not all just brand reach and promotion. The reputation of the brand has a telling effect on the results of digital marketing. People when they see brands they no longer see symbols and names, but identities and personae of those brands. What people and consumers see through the colours and designs of a brand are its character, behaviour, social stand and trustworthiness of the brand. Gone are the days when people just bought a brand’s products based on mass promotions, claims, offers and discounts. They want to know what a brand represents, how responsible it is about its social obligations, its stand on ethnicity, its contribution to ecology, its standpoint on social discourse, its customer care, technical support, aftersales response and professional handling of business affairs, its social goodwill, its community and CSR activities, its social, political and ethical standpoints and attributes, overall behaviour and attitude, and a host of things. Modern day marketing means more than just sales and promotions. It is more about wholesome behaviour with respect to business, global affairs, people interests and traits.

Those brands that succeed to win over the hearts of people get to stand successfully and those that fail to impress upon people about their credibility, trustworthiness, humane attitude, employee care and social behaviour miserably lose their business place and thus business battle.

Here, we are about to discuss ways, points and ideas how things are and how to improve Brand Reputation so that it helps Inbound Marketing results. For more details, check with backlink service USA.

Impact of Digital Marketing on businesses and brands online

Understanding Funnel Marketing

Funnel Marketing is the process of reaching out to potential audiences, impressing them with a content post or two, leading them into numerous channels and stages of attractive content which they admire and value, sustaining them in the content journey and taking them through to the end of the tunnel: actualization of sales. Different products need different pipelines of content and marketing structures which we call combinely as a Marketing Funnel. The quality of content and interactions across the funnel and the delivery of content in due course determine the success of this Funnel Marketing. Here is how.

With so many customers getting more and more involved with the brand’s content in the Funnel, they get more and more involved with the brand. And, these customers’ journey with the brand continues irrespective of the fact whether he buys the brand or not. Through their constant and continuous interactions with the brand, they learn more about the brand and products. Eventually their trust in your brand increases. Upon further interactions and as a result of their long association with your brand, they will have a deeper understanding about your brand and products. 

By this time, if they really have a felt need for your products and that they feel comfortable with your brand and get satisfied with the features and advantages of your products, they will proceed to buy your products without any coercion. Not only that, they will become your long-term customers and strong advocates of your brand because of their conviction and overall good experience with your brand. This is a perfect case of Online Brand Reputation Management through Content Marketing. It works best for your business and continues to work.

Fine-tuning the Funnel

The quality of the funnel is really important for the customers to stay with your brand. In case, if they find your content to be poor quality or the funnel activities inadequate like inconsistency, data not research oriented, content lacking depth, lack of expertise, lack of knowledge, lack of variety,  content not interesting and purposeful, they get disappointed and leave your funnel.

So, even before you step into Funnel Marketing or Content Marketing, you have to get all your resources ready to produce great content seamlessly. Such content should be followed by extensive research on the subjects so that your readers and customers get interested in your topics and value them. They come back more and more for insight and expert advice. Eventually, your Funnel Marketing efforts enable them to come to the business end of the funnel – that is the bottommost part of the funnel where they make their buying decisions and become your one-time or lifetime customers depending upon your product nature. For more Information about PerfectLinkBuilding, click here.

Improving the quality of the funnel helps in improving your brand reputation and that sustains not only readers in the funnel but also helps sustain your sales in the long run.

Measuring the Effectiveness of ORM

You can measure the effectiveness of Online Reputation Management (ORM) by using social media tools or social listening tools such as Awario, TweetDeck, Social Mention and Brandwatch to know the public sentiment about your brand. On the outset, it can be measured through the number of sales. You can check the significant impact in sales with the significant improvement in your brand’s reputation in a specific period of time.

You can also check the effectiveness of brand building through the number of hits that your website has received in a given time frame or in your brand building campaign period. You can measure the quality of leads using analytics by checking the demography of customers and internet users who have interacted with your brands and brand mentions and clicked your urls. Moreover, the most obvious and publicly available brand measures and analytics are those reviews and ratings that your brand received in the e-commerce websites, various online web directories, social media and the discussion forums. These ratings, reviews, likes, comments and all such reveal how your brand is perceived in the market and by the public.


Good indicators are good scores; bad indicators show you have much to improve. The bottomline is very clear: the better your brand reputation, the better your sales. Have an eye on your brand reputation and get it better and better. This means, more and more customers, more  and more business and more  and more sales.