April 15, 2024


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Does hiring a Web Design & Development Company really do any good?

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Web Development Company? - Dewzilla

So Mr. Jacob somehow was giving counseling sessions to those in need. The business was rising and his pride was touching the second floor of the building he was working in. But then, times do not always remain the same. One Friday afternoon when he was getting excited about his weekend, a guy called Joe entered his clinic. His eyes were pale and his face was dripping dejection. Mr. Jacob asked about his worries. On this, he said, “Sir. I have done it all. I paid all my money to SEO agencies, on optimization, on writing quality content, but then my website is unable to surpass these few other websites. But I am losing it all. I have no money now.” To this Jacob asked, “Do you have money to pay me at least?” Well, could hiring the best web design & development company have helped? Or no?

Does Web Design and Development help in SERP ranking?

There are few things to understand here:

  • Google takes user experience as a ranking factor.
  • User experience gets valued through Core Web Vitals.
  • There are things called retention rate and bounce rate.
  • There is a thing called responsive design.

Can you find a pattern in these all? Any similarity that strikes your frontal lobe? Worry not a bit, the experts of https://digitalwhitelabels.com/ will guide you through.

A User’s journey through the internet.

Imagine hearing grand and fancy about a newly opened food corner around the north side of the market. And then suddenly one Sunday afternoon, while roaming through the market streets, you feel some craving coming from your stomach. You start looking around and then recall that you had heard of this great food corner. With hopes high and hunger and haste you visit the area, but, ALAS! The area is glum with bad architecture. You are confused about where to sit and where to not. You order the food; the food has that quality too. But the overall experience is somewhat low. This makes you think about your decision of visiting the area again. Similar things happen when a user visits some poor web design.

The same way, Google speaks of a user’s surfing experience through a tale called user’s journey. In this journey, Google imagines a user trying to reach for an appointment with the content through an unfamiliar city. And as the user walks through, many hurdles come along the way, obstructing the user from reaching a blissful experience. When the building arrives, the user finds out that the gates are rusty, the elevators are malfunctioning, and the signboards are somewhat weird. This leads to a poor experience. The best web design & development company makes sure that this does not happen. https://digitalwhitelabels.com/ have some answers.

Similarly, a user on the internet tries reaching a state of blissful experience where those very desires get fulfilled through quality content and smooth web surfing.

Core Web Vitals.

They are a set of three main features that along with other vitals decide how good the overall user experience was. This includes LCP, FID, and CLS. In brief, these factors see how fast a website loads, how much is the delay between clicking an action button within the website and its results happening before, and how fast does the website elements put them at their place so they do not readjust once a user is surfing through the page. Wonder if this is due to web design?

Retention Rate and Bounce Rate.

Retention rate is the percentage of users returning back to your website in the future. Bounce rate is how soon a user exits your website after visiting. Session Rate or Time-on-page rate is the time a user spends on a webpage or a website.

Responsive Design.

Ever loaded a website on a mobile device and found out that either the website loads in desktop mode or does not load correctly? This is because of the lack of a responsive design. A responsive web design helps a website adjust according to the alignments of the device in which it is loading.

Web design & development, SEO, and SERP.

The above four things that we have laid focus upon, they impact SERP rankings directly. But who impacts these four things? A website well built by the best web design & development company will never load slowly. It is because special care is given to the web development process. The efficient coding makes sure that things are aligned and the website is loading at a brisk pace. But what about website builders?

Website Builders, as we see, are too inefficient at their coding. They add layer upon layer to make things happen. This is because there is no human intelligence to decide manually about everything. When compared, website builders were using 4 times the script than what should have been taken by a web designer. These website builders use certain CSS, Java, HTML, and other scripts, and then layer them upon each other as required. Too much script makes a website sluggish. https://digitalwhitelabels.com/ says that if you are not too tight on budget, avoid going to website builders.

Then we talk of Retention rate, Bounce rate, and Session rate. Why would a person exit early? Either because the content is of low quality or the website is poorly built. Web designers take care of many factors while developing a website. For example,

  • Visual Aesthetics.
  • Auditory dynamics.
  • Smooth interaction.
  • Space, Geometry, and Structure.
  • Quality Content.
  • The overall purpose.

Who would not want to spend time on a website that looks heavenly, speaks heavenly, and serves heavenly? This leads to a higher retention rate and lower bounce rate. Ultimately, this leads to a better SERP. Wonder what could have gone wrong with Mr. Joe? Surely this web design.

Final Words on Web Design and SEO?

Designing a website is as important as aligning it with the guidelines provided by search engines. Both have their purpose. One should not neglect any if the aim is to set foot for the long term. You could be doing it all fine, just like Mr. Joe, and yet not getting the results. Why? Because Google takes the elegance of web structure, mobile-friendliness, and smoothness of a website into consideration. If you go for the best web design & development company, chances are you will surely retain your users and provide them a positive user experience.

All the big brands, and those striving to be big, have their online presence, says https://digitalwhitelabels.com/. And they spend a part of their budget on web design because they know the importance of it in the long term. It is like an investment that pays you many times multiplied throughout the future.