February 28, 2024


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Do You Know You Can Enjoy Independent Living In A Retirement Home? 

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Life at an advanced age can be different from what people assume. It is often a lot harder to deal with physical and mental ailments and the increasing responsibilities lurking over people. After a certain age, our ageing parents and relatives need to take a break from the burdens they have been dealing with their whole lives. Luxury retirement homes offer the best solution in this case.

The independent living facilities offered by the luxury retirement homes in Kerala can help our seniors transform their lives and start enjoying it entirely for a change. The Travancore Foundation is one of India’s leading senior living facilities and has been making numerous strides when it comes to independent living for seniors.

What Is Independent Living?

Independent living for seniors refers to staying in special housing facilities where all their day to day needs are taken care of. Here, seniors live in luxurious flats or villas and mingle with like-minded communities. These facilities are often available in luxury retirement homes and value the importance of privacy as well as the comfort of its residents over anything else.

What Are The Advantages Of Independent Living For Seniors?

Independent living for seniors comes with a host of perks and benefits. They are often the safest and the most convenient choice for our ageing relatives, as they don’t have to worry about taking care of their household and health. Here are some major benefits of independent living:

Residents Can Enjoy Privacy and Autonomy Over Their Lives

One of the major benefits of independent living for seniors is getting the privacy they deserve. In an independent living facility, residents are provided with accommodation and personal services, where they can live a luxurious life without any direct interference from others.

Residents Can Enjoy A Luxurious Life

There are many luxurious retirement homes in Kochi and Kerala where seniors can enjoy a higher quality of life. Here, they are offered high-quality infrastructure and exceptional amenities to make their lives as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Some luxury retirement homes in Kerala have amenities like swimming pools, game rooms and well-maintained lawns for leisurely strolls. Residents can enjoy their time here without worrying about their daily needs.

Reduced Responsibilities

After our ageing relatives reach a certain age, they shouldn’t be burdened with too many responsibilities. They need assistance in their lives, and independent senior living facilities can help to provide that.

In retirement homes, residents are provided with numerous personal services, from housekeeping to taking care of their personal hygiene, which reduces their daily responsibilities exponentially.

Offers Healthcare and Medical Services

Taking care of the health of our senior relatives is our solemn duty, but it isn’t always possible. The luxury retirement homes in Kochi provide its residents with medical assistance 24×7 to ensure that they remain in perfect health. There are trained doctors, psychiatrists and nurses available within the premises for any emergency, anytime.

Helps in Community Building 

Engaging with people from similar communities can be highly beneficial for seniors living in retirement homes. The luxury retirement homes in Kerala aid in community building where residents can interact with like-minded people and enjoy fun activities together.

When our aged relatives stay away from their friends and family members, life can get quite lonely for them. But in these retirement homes, they can once again build meaningful relationships with other people and live in a thriving, loving community together.

Offers Numerable Entertainment Options

Residents can enjoy numerous entertainment options at these luxury retirement homes in Kochi.

Other than having several luxurious amenities, like movie theatres, swimming pools and a games arena, these retirement homes also plan and organize several fun events for their residents to enjoy. Special tours across the country are also arranged from time to time for their entertainment and enjoyment.

Aids in The Overall Well-Being Of Residents 

Other than offering healthcare and personal services, these senior living facilities also take care of their residents’ mental and physical well-being in several other ways.

These luxury retirement homes have exercise rooms with trainers and guides and massage centres, and yoga centres for their residents’ overall health and wellness.

When it comes to food, proper nutrition is always on their mind. One can expect the quality of their life to increase ten times when being admitted to these independent living facilities.

Why Should You Consider The Travancore Foundation For Independent Living In Kerala?

The Travancore Foundation is one of the country’s most well-known senior living facilities. When it comes to independent living for seniors, the Travancore Foundation ensures the best services in every way.

Since its inception in 2009, The Travancore Foundation has built an outstanding reputation for itself. It’s a place where one can thrive in a secure community and experience the best this life has to offer. This is why it is often regarded as the best independent living facility in the country by many.


Independent living can be a freeing experience for our seniors, so more and more people are opting for it. So, if you want your ageing relatives to live a freeing, thriving and comfortable life at an advanced age, independent living facilities are always the best choice.