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Baltimore News: Jerrell Gibbs, Radio Plastique, BMA Continues to Diversify the Collection

Jerrell Gibbs’ Meteoric Rise in the Artwork Entire world
by Lauren LaRocca
Published July 6 in Baltimore Journal

Excerpt: Just after dropping out of school (twice), Jerrell Gibbs labored as a household wellness aide though he and his wife raised their daughter in Baltimore County. For a though, he worked a working day change and a night change concurrently to provide for his family members. In the course of 1 of those night time shifts, he identified himself on the lookout at a photograph in his telephone of his spouse and daughter, and, on a whim, commenced sketching it—something he hadn’t finished because he was a kid. Then he despatched the finished drawing to his wife.

“I got it and was like, ‘Who drew this?’” Sheila Gibbs remembers, laughing. “It arrived to me by shock. I was impressed. I was like, all right this could be a little some thing. Due to the fact we had been newly married and having difficulties monetarily, I was like, ‘Why don’t you start off tattooing or anything, make us some additional cash?’”

Gibbs took his wife’s information to heart and delved a lot more deeply into sketching and also started building tattoos. Noticing her husband’s escalating curiosity, Sheila acquired him an easel and artwork supplies the following calendar year for Father’s Working day, which furthered his new “hobby.” Not only did he get started experimenting with the observe of painting, he devoured textbooks and other elements to study as a great deal as he could on the matter.