April 15, 2024


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Autostacker A6W, the Extra – W i d e Autostacker

Autostacker A6W, the Extra – W i d e Autostacker

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You’ve seen the sleek, low-profile, and space-saving car lift, Autostacker. But did you know Autostacker offers both a standard width – model A6S – as well as a wide version of this popular lift, the A6W?

What makes Autostacker special is its scissor lift design that can rise nearly 8 feet allowing a larger vehicle to fit comfortably underneath the lift deck. Although the standard lift’s width can accommodate most vehicles, for those who have a little extra space and prefer a wider lift, Autostacker offers the model A6W. The wide-body A6W provides an extra eight inches between the support arms to accommodate wider vehicles or more space to get in-and-out of your vehicle.

Autostacker 3
Door-Sentry™ reduces the chance of dents, dings, and scratches on the lower vehicle.

But that’s where the difference ends. The A6W model offers all the outstanding features of the standard Autostacker A6S lift. Both models support up to 6,000 pounds and feature an approach ramp designed to smoothly slide under low-profile sports cars.

Then there are the vehicle protection features. First, there is Door-Sentry™. Door-Sentry includes durable rubber panels fitted inside the scissor arms to reduce the chance of dents, dings, and scratches on the lower vehicle. Next, is the patented lowered deck design that inclines gently from the loading ramp to the wheel trough. This provides extremely low-stance vehicles with easy access to the deck. Instead of adding long, intrusive loading ramps or potentially damaging the bottom of your car, Autostacker makes loading smooth, safe, and easy.

Autostacker 1
Autostacker has an extra-wide model, the A6W.

Autostacker’s lifting power comes from two massive, leak-proof hydraulic cylinders. Six locking positions cover a wide range of vehicle heights. The locks engage continuously as the parking lift rises, so operating the lift is easy: simply press the Up and Down buttons to engage and release the locks.

For product questions, technical assistance, or other support, visit autostacker.com or call 888-977-8225.

Autostacker 4
Autostacker has sturdy locks that engage continuously across five different height positions.