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An Ultimate Guide to Per Diem Nurse Career In Mississippi

The Top Per Diem RN Jobs in Mississippi - Thoughts on Life and Love

If you get to know the ideas about per diem nurse jobs in Mississippi, you will better understand the benefits and the extraordinary experience of being a travel nurse.  The uniqueness of this profession in this scope of work makes it attractive to many in the nursing profession.

Being a per diem nurse can give you opportunities that will meet your needs as a nurse.  As a per diem nurse, you will have the freedom and flexibility to work on your own schedule.  You will not be pressed on going to work at your most inconvenient hours.  It gives the freedom to accommodate work shifts in a variety of healthcare settings in Mississippi.

What is a Per Diem Nurse in Mississippi?

A per diem nurse can earn full-time benefits by working just part-time hours.  It offers the best flexibility in working around schedules.  

The term ‘per diem’ means per day in Latin.  Hence, in the nursing profession, it means that you are temporarily employed for one day or several days as a nurse, usually filling in for nurses in a hospital when an unexpected gap happens.

Gasps in healthcare facilities typically happen when their regular nurses get sick or are on vacation.  There could be many reasons why per diem nurses are asked to fill in this gap so that regular functions in the facility will continue.

The best thing about being a per diem nurse is that you get to choose when to work and when not to.  You can decide to work a per diem shift a month or several per week.  You have the freedom and flexibility to work around your schedule. 

When you are a per diem nurse in Mississippi, you will enjoy these benefits:

  1.  Flexibility

You are not required to follow a schedule when you are a per diem nurse.  You can decide, however, and whenever you want to work.  For example, you can take a whole shift, half shift, a day, a few days, or a few weeks.

  1.  Higher Hourly Rates

Even if you don’t get to work a full shift, you can still get higher hourly rates compared with regular nurses.  As long as you have enough assignments in a year, you can still earn enough to support your finances.

  1. More Job Opportunities

You will not be confined to working with one agency when you are a per diem nurse.  You can work with several agencies so that you can have more opportunities for work.

  1. More Exposure

A per diem nurse can be assigned to different locations, providing more connections with other healthcare practitioners.  Likewise, this gives you an opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge of your specialty.  

  1.  Less Burnout

You can choose to say ‘no’ to work when you feel that you are tired and stressed.  This will prevent you from being burned out.  Hence, you can attain a balance in your life between free time, leisure, and work.

Ideas About Per Diem Nurse Jobs in Mississippi

According to ZipRecruiter, the per diem salary in Mississippi as of Mar 28, 2022, is $61,152 per year or $23 per hour.  This can go as high as $85,351 per year for per diem nurse job top earners.

Here are per diem nurse job ideas on how you can earn this salary:

  • Per diem ICU Nurse:  You can play a major role during pandemics where ICU departments need more nurses to monitor and take care of patients.
  • Per diem Operating Room Nurse:  Operating teams will need additional manpower for critical surgeries that can last for hours.  As a per diem nurse, you can assist surgeons and nurses in performing surgeries and in preparing and sterilizing equipment before the operation.
  • Per diem Medical-Surgical Nurse:  For pre-op and post-op functions, a per diem nurse assists in checking vitals, administering medicines, running blood tests, updating records, and operating equipment for patients.
  • Per diem Emergency Room Nurses:  During major accidents, pandemics, and natural and man-made disasters, the emergency room is always filled with patients.  Per diem nurses can fill the need for more nurses to attend to the needs of patients in these situations.

These ideas about per diem nurse jobs in Mississippi can guide you through deciding whether it is a job that you want to be doing.  Considering the benefits of freedom and flexibility, you can work as a per diem nurse in Mississippi and earn as much or more than regular nurses.