February 25, 2024


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All You Need to Know About RCN Package Deals 2021

RCN, a leading cable and internet connection provider in the United States, is widely covering multiple states and assisting customers with the best services across state boundaries, ranging from Boston, Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, DC Metro, and Chicago. 

However, the fastest internet service providers are known for high-quality internet services within a reasonable price range. The brand is known for its affordable packages; on the same side, its premium quality services make it one of the top-tier internet brands on the market. 

The packages of RCN channel lineup DC range from 10 Mbps and increases straight up to 500 Mbps. Whereas the company also offers fiber plans that help deliver high-speed downloading, that is, around 940 Mbps. Comparatively, with low upfront fees with no-contract plans, RCN is catering to the most demanding choices of customers who are not willing to get into long-term contracts or are expecting internet with high speeds and downloading time. 

People living in the U.S. are known for using the internet for business purposes and demand a reliable network at all times. Now, with RCN, you do not have to worry about missing your Zoom meetings, work deadlines, or important emails. 

You can also easily download heavy files such as your favorite music and access them on other websites without any restriction. For this, you just need to have access to the RCN WiFi connection that runs at an efficient speed and provides a satisfying user experience. It also offers a variety of speed settings that helps in completing tasks quickly and also assist in conserving the budget. 

Just in case if you are juggling with the cloud of thoughts, then have a look at these offered packages of RCN. But first, have a quick glimpse at an alternative provider: 


It is the medium to access the best sports channels—no need to spend bucks on extravagant TV packages that give nothing in return except for low-quality results. RCN is offering its customers an NFL SUNDAY TICKET if they buy the CHOICETM plan of RCN. Imagine what else could be a better option than this? Not only this, in this offered package, customers get free months of CINEMAX, STARZ, and SHOWTIME. 

However, to the majority, we usually suggest opting for the ULTIMATE package that includes all channels at the rate of $84.99 a month and cater to 250+ channels. 

RCN Internet Speeds

Varying on the plan that you are choosing, the speed of the internet can differ from state to state. Most of the time, internet speed is also likely to vary on the areas you live in and the offered packages. However, to ensure that you are getting your hands on the best one, make sure you choose the right package according to your area. 

However, the offered packages of RCN and speed can be categorized in ways: 

15-60 Mbps – Reliable for little streaming, downloading favorite shows, photos, or either music 

Up to 150 Mbps – Reliable for streaming on multiple devices, the most suitable package for families. 

Up to 250 Mbps: Suitable enough for more than 11 devices, it could be a go-to choice for businesses.

Up to 400 Mbps – This one is for those who have massive access to the internet; gamers can fall into this category. 

Up to 1,000 Mbps – Best for limitless devices. Perfect for high-scale businesses. 

RCN Internet packages

If you are interested to know about the packages and plans that RCN is offering, then stay focused and read below: 

10 Mbps Internet

If you are located within the vicinity of Lehigh Valley, then this package of RCN is for you. Notably, it offers good downloading speeds for more than Mbps, at highly reasonable prices. According to estimation, $19.99 per month is the proposed price you need to pay and can enjoy a good internet facility the entire year. 

Moreover, there are no contract obligations required in the process, neither are you supposed to pay additional termination costs if you decide to disconnect your service before the 12-month period. 

50 Mbps Internet

The plan for 50 Mbps internet offering by RCN is a perfect choice for people who have more access to the internet, social media platforms or spend more time on video streaming. Specifically, this package gives internet speed of up to 50 Mbps that costs a user $24.99 cost/ each month. It can cover the usage of one or around two devices at a time. On top of that, users are also provided a web email account with the space of 5 GB, along with this plan. 

100 Mbps Internet

What else one needs at the cost of $29.99/ each month, rather than the internet with 100 Mbps that can help you download your graphics or movies at a fast speed. The package is also enough to make a video call to your loved ones and browse on social platforms, while the best part is that quickly two to three devices can pair connection. 

Besides this, this package also has no obligations for contract and provides 5GB space to users with the plan’s subscription. 

250 Mbps Internet

If you are in dire need of a connection that offers you the flexibility to stream your High Definition Videos, graphics, or movies, then this plan is for you. Moreover, multiple projects at a time can be paired with this plan. If you can relate to the situation or are more into the gaming zone, then availing 250 Mbps is the perfect go choice for you. It will only cost you $39.99 each month. With this plan, you can also have access to the applications of management and webmail. 

330 Mbps Internet

Download your favorite shows at the quick speed of 330 Mbps. Now, you can easily enjoy your streaming and binge-watching time that too without barriers. It’s time to make your Netflix game strong by subscribing to this plan. The best part is, this plan only costs $34.99 each month and provides multiple internet facilities to users. Though there is only one condition applied, to avail of the package, you have to reside within the vicinity of Washington D.C. 

500 Mbps Internet

The download speed is high, and why should it not be? After all, the package is offering 500 Mbps. However, the RCN helps users stream high-quality videos, pictures, and movies and gives enough browsing space without creating bugs in between. Although, this plan is only available in Chicago, Boston, and New York. 

So, if you are residing in any of these states, be prepared to enjoy the perks of these packages. Don’t worry; you only have to pay $34.99 and $49.99 per month. So, are you ready to subscribe to this incredible internet bundle? If not, then brace yourself and subscribe to this outstanding package. 

Parting Words 

Here, we would like to give this friendly reminder: make sure you choose a package available within your state. While checking the offering, features such as downloading speed, cost ratio, and other related factors can play a massive role in making a wise decision and help you select.