April 15, 2024


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3d Printing Supplies – What Is There In The Plate For The Australian Market?

If the report of the last year is taken into consideration then it is expected that the industry related to 3D printing is going to increase at a CAGR of 23.5%, to a record USD 4.5billion in 2025 from USD 1.6billion in 2020. This is a huge increase and is marked by several decisive factors. According to the experts associated with the 3D printer supplies in Australia, the determining factors include the increase in population and the associated growth in the demand for automobiles, healthcare products, and other items of utility. However, the coronavirus pandemic has halted the growth yet, it has come out strongly.

Australia and 3D Printing:

According to the website of Parliament of Australia, the population of the island continent is going to be driven by sustainability, and considering the bettered healthcare and hygiene factors, it can reach 35.9 million by the end of 2050. Though interpreting the population growth is a tough task yet, if it is considered true then with limited available space for manufacturing and production, the companies have to meet the exponential growth of demand. To meet these societal requirements, the use of industrial 3D printer has come in handy.

Let us look into some of the determining factors that would play a crucial role in 3D printer supplies in Australia taking some of the important sectors and industries:

  • Increasing Demand for Automobiles and Defence:

The richness and prosperity of a country can also be measured by the number of cars per head that a country has. Some economists consider this to be a driving force for the GDP of a nation. Australia is a developed country, and it has to maintain this. Therefore, to ensure that it happens, it is important to take into consideration an automation process that would accelerate the production without wasting resources. The use of the industrial 3D printer would help in this endeavour and would accelerate the production of new variants of fuel-efficient automobiles.

Apart from automobiles, countries across the world are trying to be powerful. To safeguard the boundary from any type of external aggression, a country needs to strengthen its defence system. Towards this initiative, the 3D printer supplies in Australia have been boosted.

  • Educating the Future Generations:

In order to make the next generation progressive and competitive in the world, a country should continuously work on the education system. The advanced use of 3D industrial printers has revolutionised the way traditional classroom contact programmes were carried out. The technology has made learning and teaching smooth and interesting by introducing interactive maps, prototypes for engineering and medical grads, and many more.

  • Securing the Health of the Citizens:

The recent outbreak of the pandemic has been a lesson for not only Australia but for the entire world to the fact that a country should always work for the better living of its citizens by securing the healthcare amenities and facilities. The 3D printer supplies in Australia have brought in a revolution in the segment and have ensured the production of critical parts of medical devices and various other equipment. A recent example is the use of 3D printing to design and produce critical parts of ventilators in no time to meet the requirements.


With the rise in population, challenges also increase. Advancement in automation has been an effective way to deal with the situation and be prepared for the future. 3D printers and their applications have been a boon for a nation by reducing the manufacturing cost, decreasing the lead time, and simplifying the design and production of some of the complex items.