Day: February 20, 2021


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Here’s What’s In Store For Remote Hiring In 2021

The pandemic threw traditional hiring models into disarray, with overnight work-from-home policies forcing the processes online for countless organizations across the globe. With no option but to adapt, many companies have discovered the numerous benefits of remote hiring, and are now looking to build out their strategy for the year ahead—especially as 82% of US companies are planning to hire in 2021.

That’s exactly why Talview conducted the Remote Hiring Trends for 2021 survey. The report surveyed more than 145 organizations across 20 countries and over 15 industries, and features organizations such as Amazon, Uber, Disney, and Zoom, alongside many small and medium-sized businesses. Just some of the insights brought to light in the survey include the impact of remote hiring on diverse teams, newfound technology needs, and how the remote model can drive candidate experience—when done right.

Here are Talview’s top findings and predictions for remote hiring in 2021.

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